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November 07, 2018

Heritage Day is coming up on 24 September, and to get you in a patriotic mood in the kitchen, we thought we’d share a few fun and unusual menu ideas to inspire a multi-cultural feast to celebrate South Africa’s fascinating rainbow nation. 

Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing: 

South Africa’s wines are world-renowned (and with good reason!), but did you know that there are all sorts of other traditional drinks you can use to toast our multi-faceted culture this Heritage Day?  

This year, why not try Umqombothi? Umqombothi a Xhosa beer made from corn, that is high in vitamin B and has a lower alcohol content than most commercial beers. You can even make it yourself! It takes a few days, but you will be rewarded with a rich, creamy beer unlike any other you've tasted before. 

Speaking of creamy, how about throwing a crowd-pleasing Springbokkie shooter into the mix? Layer Four Cousins Marula Fruit Cream Liqueur over a vibrant green peppermint liqueur and/or green crème de menthe to mimic the colour of the springbok and veld (and the jerseys of our national rugby team!). 

Not keen on alcohol? No problem – that is why mocktails were invented. This Heritage Day, indulge in the many splendours of the Cape Floral Kingdom by making use of ingredients like rooibos tea, fynbos honey and other naturally-occurring ingredients. Simply steep the tea, let it cool, pour over ice, drizzle with honey and garnish with something pretty like pomegranate rubies. YUM! 

Make a meal using ingredients that can be found in your area! This can be anything from mushrooms, to pine kernels, sea grass and even something innocuous like Cape Sorrel. Just remember to forage responsibly and make completely sure that your finds are safe and edible before you use it in a meal. Want to learn more about urban foraging from an expert? Check out this link

We South Africans adore a good braai, which is why some people actually call Heritage Day ‘Braai Day’ for short. This year, try something completely different from what you’re used to. Leave the chops in the fridge and try making something like Isidudu (a pap dish with pumpkin, curried cabbage and liver), Morogo (wild African spinach) or Chakalaka (a spicy vegetable relish that goes really well with pap, samp, stews and curries).  

You can even make a Malva pudding or Bunny Chow on the braai if you get really inventive! Stretch those culinary muscles to see what you can come up with. 

These are just a few of the fun ways in which you can play around with your menu this Heritage Day. Do you have a lekker local recipe you’d like to share with our readership? Please feel free to share it on our Facebook page or send it to us via email! We’d love to know what you get up to in the kitchen when you’re feeling festive.


Hobo fish
Reminiscent of those lekker African dishes where people wrap and braai fish in bananas, this one simply requires that you put your fish in some newspaper with tomatoes, garlic and spices. To keep the paper from burning, you wet each layer (10 of them) with sea water then place your parceltjie in the fire for about 20 minutes.

For an alternative to your peaches and cream, why not try a braaied pineapple or banana? Throw those guys on the grill and dip in a lekker stropie before you dish it up with cream or ice cream.

End of month salticrax time is usually the time we rip open the cupboards and scavenge through our tinned food supplies. Which is also how we ended up inventing the mielie-braaibroodjie. For this one, you just open a can of sweetcorn, mix in lekker scoop or two of Mrs Balls chutney and mayonnaise, grate in some cheese and pop those sarmies on the griddle.

Marshmallow mess
Okay, so we’re no longer 7. This does not mean we need to give up on our snacking dreams though and a marshmallow in the fire is simply something we can’t forget. To make it a bit more sophisticated, though (because, you know, neighbours) why not put those marshmallows in a tin pan with broken marie biscuits, Beacon chocolates and whatever else you want. Melts like a charm on the braai. Top it with some cream.

Boerewors braai pie
Here’s an idea, why not skip the slaai altogether and put your meat in the pie as well. Meat goes with everything! Braai pies have been becoming a big thing in South Africa, but before you stuff it up, rather stuff it with some boerewors from last night’s braai?

Drunken chicken
Just like meat, beer goes with practically everything! And since everything tastes kind of like chicken, it goes without saying that beer should always go with chicken. Whether you want to put your tin inside the chicken or want to toss your wings with some spices in the beer – it works either way.

Have any more lekker braai recipes? Of course you do. We say go out, experiments and woo your neighbours to the South African flavours.

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