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April 02, 2018

Braai-ing is as South African as it comes. It is so important to us that we even have a National Day dedicated to the braai. It is more than the meat on the grill – it is the vibe, the good company and the special moments shared between a close group of people. With everything that Braai means to us it just feels right that a Braai is sometimes needed just between you and your significant other. 

Not seeing the romantic evening lying underneath a Braai date? Look at it again – A romantic fire, a bottle of wine, the open evening sky, deep conversations and sharing it all with that special someone. 

A Braai day is the quick, romantic getaway in your own backyard that can help you SPICE up your relationship and the perfect opportunity to MEAT your partner halfway. 

Here are our top 5 Ingredients for the Perfect Braai Day for Two: 

1. KEEP IT SIMPLE – a tjoppie and a side dish (Our list of perfect braai-sides include braaied potatoes, an easy salad, garlic bread or the famous Braaibroodjie). The idea is to relax and connect with your partner – leave the make-up, don’t dress up and don’t try too hard. 

2. DISCONNECT AND CONNECT – Leave your phones, switch off the internet and talk. Talk about your day, talk about your childhood, talk about everything and anything! 

3. CREATE THE PERFECT SETTING – the idea is to relax, but it doesn’t hurt to manipulate the setting for your own advantage. Switch up the deck chairs for a nice sofa and drag the braaier next to the swimming pool – the water creates a beautiful reflection and might even start a playful midnight swim! 

4. DON'T CRITICIZE – If you are not holding the tongs you are not braai-ing. The plates might be paper plates and the salad doesn’t have avo because both of you are too lazy. It is all fine. Just take a big sip of wine and relax.
5. HAVE AND OLD SCHOOL MAKE-OUT SESSION. Making out when and where you want is one of the benefits of dining alone. Give her a kiss, a squeeze, take a soppy photo, sit on his lap, do whatever you want! 

We think it is time to say those 4 words you know will make her swoon – “Ons gaan nou braai!”

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