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January 09, 2019

Pets play a significant role in making (or breaking) a relationship. Introducing your pet/s to your new love interest and ensuring that they remain a priority in every aspect of your life takes planning, commitment, patience and forethought. It is important to know how to introduce your pet/s into your new relationship and to prioritise them at all times. 

However, dating sites generally focus on religious, cultural, ethnic, sexual and political preferences. As more and more people (particularly singles) come to regard their pets as ‘furkids’ and see them as important family members, these lifestyle issues, must also be taken into account. Any potential new relationships and dating activities must consider pets’ needs as well. 

Internationally new niche pet-friendly dating sites have emerged as singles increasingly rely on technology and the internet to find partners who share their love of animals and favour a similar lifestyle. Many of these sites encourage users to bring their dogs on first dates to act as “ice-breakers”. It also presents an opportunity for canines to meet one another in a neutral space.

Surveys have shown that many singles find adopting or rescuing a pet attractive and that they would not date someone who did not share their love of animals. They have also found that your pet could make you more attractive to others. 

Dating when you have pets can become a little tricky if you want to spend time with both your beloved animals and your new date. So, it may be a good idea to arrange your date at a pet-friendly venue, so as to accommodate your dogs as well. Visit Regal Pet Health for more information. 

Wondering why you've been noticing pet-related posts and info on Date Night Ideas? Simple - we have found that a large portion of our readership are passionate pet guardians (just as we are!). As the proud owner of We Love Pets SA, we also have first-hand experience of sharing our lives with our partners as well as a troupe of fury friends. 

We bring them along on outings and holidays, and there are many of our readers who like to do the same with their pets. As such, the Date Night Ideas team likes to share insider knowledge on pet-friendly accommodation venues, holiday destinations and more

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