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January 09, 2019

Wondering why you've been noticing pet-related posts and info on Date Night Ideas? Simple - we have found that a large portion of our readership are passionate pet guardians (just as we are!). As the proud owner of We Love Pets SA, we also have first-hand experience of sharing our lives with our partners as well as a troupe of fury friends. 

We bring them along on outings and holidays, and there are many of our readers who like to do the same with their pets. As such, the Date Night Ideas team likes to share insider knowledge on pet-friendly accommodation venues, holiday destinations and more. 

Who doesn’t love a treat? It’s a reward after a hard day’s work, a pick-me-up when life’s getting you down, or a sweet something to celebrate a special occasion. While we are not advocating feeding your pooch chocolate cake, they too can benefit from receiving treats, and the benefits go much further than simply an indulgent snack. 

Use in training 
Probably the most obvious use for doggy treats is during training. It has been well-documented that giving treats during training is extremely effective. Dogs are motivated by food. As soon as the dog performs the desired action, he is rewarded with a treat, and a positive association is made. Just make sure the treat is a) small, so that it’s quick to swallow and digest, and b) delicious, for obvious reasons. 

Prevent destroying your furniture
Doggy treats are great to channel destructive chewing. Put them inside toys, or hide them in a designated spot in the garden. Searching for treats and trying to get them out of the toys will provide hours of entertainment – away from your expensive lounge suite.

Mental stimulation
Using treats to teach your dog new tricks, do obstacle courses, or go on a ‘treasure hunt’ are all great brain teasers and provide mental stimulation which means a happier and more well-behaved dog.

Provide nutrition and dental benefits
Certain treats can also provide much-needed nutrition. As well as general health benefits, these treats can aid digestion, manage tartar build-up on the teeth, improve immunity, and help give a healthier and glossy coat, to name a few.

Regal Doggy Bites for example, are a sugar, wheat-and gluten-free wholesome biscuit that are healthy and tasty. Not only do they aid in digestive health, but they manage tartar control too!

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