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January 09, 2019

If you’ve been wondering what unique gift you can get the pet lover in your life for their birthday, your next anniversary, or any other special occasion that might be on the horizon, we’ve got good news. We’ve rustled up a few awesome ideas that will get you in their good books for life. 

Wondering why you've been noticing pet-related posts and info on Date Night Ideas? Simple - we have found that a large portion of our readership are passionate pet guardians (just as we are!). As the proud owner of We Love Pets SA, we also have first-hand experience of sharing our lives with our partners as well as a troupe of fury friends. 

We bring them along on outings and holidays, and there are many of our readers who like to do the same with their pets. As such, the Date Night Ideas team likes to share insider knowledge on pet-friendly accommodation venues, holiday destinations and more. 

How about getting your partner a gift that they will treasure for a lifetime while simultaneously giving a local artist a platform to showcase their talents? It’s the best double-whammy ever! Talented artists like Nanna Venter and Kit Beukes take commissions for family portraits that include pets, or even just the pets themselves. You can even task these hot-shot illustrators to turn your partner’s pet into a superhero if you want! Alternatively, you can shop around on Behance until you find an artist with a style you like and find out whether they take commissions.  

These days, there are wonderful photographers out there that specialise in taking pictures of cats, dogs and other pets. Has your partner always wanted a beautifully framed picture of their pet? Find a pet-friendly photographer near you and book a session. Bonus points if you book your partner a pampering session on the same day, so they can look their best for the photographs as well. 

Taking your partner on an adventure every now and again is a great way to keep the spark alive, but it can put a damper on proceedings if your pets have to stay behind while you enjoy the fun. Why not make it a day out for the whole family? Start with a nice walk in a pet-friendly park, book a spot at a restaurant that welcomes animal companions, and (if you really want to push out the boat!) find overnight accommodation that caters for your furry friends as well.  

These are just a few of the awesome ideas we have up our sleeves when it comes to indulging the pet lover in your life. Check back soon for more pet-friendly date ideas, accommodation venues, holiday spots and more! 

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