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January 09, 2019

Cats are fairly low-maintenance creatures, as pets go. They groom themselves, spend most of the day sleeping, and relieve themselves in a designated area. Just make sure they are warm, watered and fed, and have access to a litter box right? Yes, and no. Cats are low maintenance, but they do require some daily human intervention to ensure they live a healthy life for many years to come. 

Wondering why you've been noticing pet-related posts and info on Date Night Ideas? Simple - we have found that a large portion of our readership are passionate pet guardians (just as we are!). As the proud owner of We Love Pets SA, we also have first-hand experience of sharing our lives with our partners as well as a troupe of fury friends. 

We bring them along on outings and holidays, and there are many of our readers who like to do the same with their pets. As such, the Date Night Ideas team likes to share insider knowledge on pet-friendly accommodation venues, holiday destinations and more. 

Here are some tips to keep your cat healthy and living their best life: 

1. Feed them a balanced diet 
Not all cat food is created equal. History dictates that dry food/pellets was always best for kitty, but recent research suggests wet food might be the better option. According to Los Angeles veterinarian Jeff Werber, “we see cats developing type 2 diabetes and growing obese from too much dry food.” Chat to your veterinarian about what food is best for your cat.

2. Ensure they have access to clean water 
This goes without saying. All your animals should have access to clean water all times. Cats tend to get a lot of water from their food, so don’t stress if they don’t drink as much as your dogs do, for example. But not drinking at all is cause for concern, so keep an eye on the water level in his bowl.

3. Have several litter boxes around the house, and keep them clean 
Some experts recommend a litter box for every cat, plus one. (So if you have two cats, you should have three litter boxes). You can see what works for you, but no matter how many you have, make sure they are always kept clean and easily accessible. Cats, in particular, like their litter boxes clean, and if they aren’t, they might start doing their business elsewhere. You don’t like a dirty bathroom that’s miles away, so grant your cat the same privilege.

4. Get grooming
Although cats are excellent groomers, helping them by brushing their fur daily will assist with removing excess hair, and thereby preventing fur balls. It can also be a great bonding moment between pet and owner. Just make it a positive experience, and both of you will benefit greatly. Also, invest in a scratching post. Not only does this keep the sharp nails at bay, your lounge suite will thank you.

5. Exercise the body and mind 
While cats do love their sleep, mental and physical stimulation is essential. A few simple cat toys, some catnip and a ball of string will do wonders to keep the weight healthy and the mind sharp.

6. Watch closely for signs of illness 
Vomiting, diarrhea, urinating too much (or not at all), and constipation, are all obvious signs that your cat is not well. Schedule a visit to the veterinarian for possible medical intervention.

7. Consider supplements 
While nothing should replace a good diet, supplements offer added support for overall well-being and injury-prevention. Regal Cat Health Tonic, for example, has been formulated using Dr. Schüssler’s Biochemic Tissue Salts, which have been known to help the body heal and restore health, as well as to strengthen the body’s defenses. This tonic will assist with allergies, circulation, digestion, immunity, joint health, the nervous system, respiratory health, skin and coat health and urinary tract health.

If your cat is prone to suffering from ongoing health problems or if you simply want to add extra support to his/her daily care regime, the Cat Health Tonic will offer added benefits naturally and safely.

Visit Regal Pet Health for more information. 

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