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January 17, 2019

The hard part is done. You asked out the girl and she said yes. Both of you are nervous but you both are clearly interested. Put the “Spring” back into your step when it comes to first dates or breath some life into your relationship. We are celebrating old fashion manners and a new season of love. 

Here is how you should act… 

1. Pick a nice restaurant. Somewhere you know she has been dying to go. It shows that you listen and care. You want the best for her. If you rather want to do an activity for your first date, be sure it is some place where you can talk and get to know each other. No movie theatres allowed for first dates! 

2. Offer to pick your lady up from her house. When you get there get out of the car and walk to her front door. If you hoot the date is over before it even begins.

3. Open her car door and the restaurant door. Pull out her chair before she takes her seat. These small gestures will go a long way.  

4. Get to know the person sitting across from you. Ask her questions and listen to the answers. 

5. Pay the bill! If she protests too much split the bill. So be sure to take her somewhere you can afford. 

6. Either bring her some flowers when you pick her up or buy a single rose on the way home. Now she has something to remember the date and she will be thinking of you every time she looks at the roses.

7. Be careful not to drink too much. First impressions last a lifetime.

8. Don’t complain about work and be careful of sensitive topics.

9. Be sure the date is just the two of you from start to finish. You can meet up with your friends afterwards. The whole point of a first date is to see if the two of you are compatible.

10. Lastly be yourself. She can’t fall in love if you don’t show her who you really are. So relax and have fun. 

1. Dress-up for your date. Wear something you feel beautiful and comfortable in.

2. Let him be a gentleman and open the door for you without making a fuss. If he forgets his manners remind him.

3. Offer to split the bill or buy him his favourite sweet treat to say thank you.

4. Be careful not to dominate the conversation. Ask him about his childhood and his friends. You are there to get to know him.

5. Keep the public displays of affection to a minimum. Leave him wanting more.

6. Don’t be scared to eat in front of him. Order what you like not what you think he expects you to eat. 

7. Put away your phone! There is no need for selfies or pictures of your food. Stay in the moment and enjoy the conversation.

8. No gossiping or mean remarks. 

9. Give the date a chance especially if he is someone you won’t normally say yes to. Don’t compare everything he does or doesn’t do to your Ex. But if he treats you or the waiter badly walk away. 

10. Lastly your tip is the same as the gents, be yourself. He can’t fall in love with you if you don’t show him who you really are. So relax and have fun.

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