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November 08, 2018

"If I had a flower for every time I thought of you, I could walk in my garden forever." -Alfred Lord Tennyson 

1. You look hot today, babe! 

2. I'm so lucky you're my best friend. 

3. You are my rock, I love you so much. 

4. You are my protector…feeling blessed. 

5. Hey hottie, got plans tonight? 

6. You are AMAZING. Just thought you should know. 

7. I love being together. Miss you! 

8. Have a great day at work – I'm counting down till you get home. 

9. I like you. I like you a LOT. 

10. I'm here for you sweetheart. 

11. You are the most thoughtful guy I know. 

12. Still laughing about your comment last night. 

13. Thank you for being you. 

14. You make me want to be a better person. Love you so much. 

15. Feeling uber blessed today to have you in my life. 

16. You are the funniest man I know. 

17. Let's get dinner. 

18. You are one good looking guy - let's hang out!

19. You. me. Picnic at 5 p.m.

20. Thanks for hanging that mirror, you're so handy!

21. I love my man. FYI.

22. You are my favorite.

23. You are so thoughtful!

24. You inspire me, baby.

25. I trust you with all my soul.

26. What God has brought together, we shall never part…

27. Glad I have you in my life.

28. Today, tomorrow, forever…be mine!

29. I'm married to one sexy man!

30. I will always love you.

31. You are hilarious, still laughing about…

32. You are my one of a kind. Feeling so blessed!

33. Need your love.

34. Need your cuddles.

35. I wanna be in your arms.

36. Miss u, miss u, wanna kiss u!

37. I miss you, come home.

38. Call in sick – let's spend today together.

39. Do you know I love you? A lot!

40. You are so strong.

41. Be with me? Forever?

42. You are my sunshine.

43. Perfect night to snuggle. Meet me at 7 p.m.

44. I want to be in your arms.

45. You are my soul mate.

46. Hi. I love you. You should know that.

47. I can't wait for our date night.

48. I'm counting down the hours till I see you.

49. You are the best father, ever.

50. How did I get so lucky to have you?

51. Being with you…is the best!

52. I need a kiss.


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