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January 17, 2019

Dr Elmari Mulder Craig is a well-known sexologist, marital and relationship expert, couples therapist, psychotherapist, clinical hypnotherapist and author. She is dedicated to educating people with practical skills and professional information on how to enhance and maintain successful sexual and emotional intimacy within a relationship. 

Elmari aims to help men and women become comfortable with their own sexuality – to view sex as a positive God-given gift, and to empower and guide them to be able to enjoy and express their sexuality. Elmari believes in a multi-professional and holistic approach and combines years of experience and knowledge gained in the fields of individual psychotherapy, early childhood trauma and its effects in later life, relationship dynamics and sexual problems. 

Sexuality has fascinated people since the beginning of time. Every person has sexual feelings, attitudes, and beliefs but everyone's experience of sexuality is unique because it is processed through an intensely personal perspective (your own sexual blueprint). It is impossible to understand human sexuality without recognizing its multidimensional nature. Sex can be one of the greatest sources of pleasure and happiness in our lives – it can boost our personal sense of well-being and health, and it also fosters precious feelings of intimacy with a partner. 

A healthy sex life can contribute much to the quality of your relationship and sense of connectedness. It is however important to remember that good sex can only support an already healthy relationship. Sexual problems therefore often tend to be symptoms of some or other problem within the relationship. The basis of an enhanced and enriched sexual and sensual relationship is intimacy. The quality of what happens in bed depends largely on the quality of what happens out of bed. 

During Couples Therapy, relationship issues between two people (in any stage of the relationship) are addressed.

You can be confident that your problems will be addressed in a sensitive, compassionate and confidential manner. The treatment approach is short-term, directive, problem focused and solution-orientated for long lasting results. Elmari combines years of experience and knowledge of different treatment modules. Working within a systemic and sexual medicine paradigm which implies a bio-psycho-social approach includes the vital element of working within a multi- disciplinary team. This implies calling in specialists on the highly skilled team for consultation as and when needed.

Individuals or couples are personally liable for the payment of accounts after each session, but most medical aids will reimburse clients for therapy received.

In therapy, you are assisted to heal the wounds from the past and the present. You are assisted to find and heal the missing pieces of yourself and to reconnect with the real you. You are supported and guided to find joy and meaning in life. You are assisted to learn coping mechanisms to deal with the challenges in your life. As you connect with and heal yourself, you are able to influence existing relationships positively and are able to choose to surround yourself with meaningful relationships. You are guided to create the life that you choose.

Elmari’s training in Psychotherapy, Couples Therapy and Sexual Medicine allows her to work with people who have sexual dysfunctions and or difficulties due to chronic illness, disability, ageing, menopause and the like. Elmari has a special interest in women with Sexual Pain Dysfunctions.

Challenges with regards to relationships, abuse, sexuality, sexual health, sexual dysfunctions, life style, stress, pornography, addiction, cheating, children, family and in-laws are often addressed.

My Clinical Practice is situated within The Elmari Craig Sexual Wellness Centre. The Sexual Wellness Centre includes a Sexual Health Store called Between the Sheets/Tussen die Lakens: Intimate and Sensual Products. Sexual health products are often part of the therapeutic management of sexual problems or can also be part of sexual and relationship growth in general. Hence they are immediately available if necessary.

Individual Psychotherapy
Clinical Hypnotherapy
Sex therapy
Couples Therapy
Relationship/Marital Enrichment
Pre-marital Counselling
Conflict Resolution and Effective Communication Skills
Divorce Counselling
Trauma Counselling

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