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What is Date Night

Meaning of Date Night is just that - two words. But spending time together - coffee in bed, taking a long stroll, watching your favourite movie, finishing a race together, catching fish, learning to make sushi, taking dancing lessons or going on a sea cruise - now THAT is when "date night" is alive and energetic. The TIME that you spend with your loved one equals a date night (or day!).

“A divorce lawyer is way more expensive than a baby-sitter, so make date day/night YOUR priority.”


DNI started as a pet project for the owner of the veteran through-the-line agency in 2014, Itsy Bitzy. Since then, Leilani has turned her passion for healthy relationships into yet another successful business. She believes that this success can be attributed to her keen eye for gaps in the market, as well as her keen interest in the positive power of social media. 

Today Date Night Ideas has evolved to become a trusted source in useful and human advice on how to create new, fresh and novel ways to spruce up a lacklustre relationship, because divorce or breaking up should always be the very last option. The content caters for young and old, new and long-term relationships, men and women. 

Date Night Ideas SA - because we still believe in love! 

Would you like to promote your business to a tailor-made audience that is ready to hear your marketing message? Good news - after many years in the digital sphere, we have done all the legwork to gather a high-quality audience who are actively looking to find out more about brands like yours! 

So, what does the Date Night Ideas reader look like? This lady is a veritable powerhouse! She is proactive, opinionated and an influencer in her community. The well-being of her family and the health of her relationships are of utmost importance, and she still holds traditional values dear. This means that she makes up to 75% of the purchasing decisions in her family. In short - she's a lady you'll want to speak to. 

Best of all - more than 50% of our readership report that their partners also use our platform to find interesting ideas on spending their downtime, so your brand will enjoy exposure to a choice male readership as well. 

At Date Night Ideas, we specialise in digital engagement with this multi-faceted consumer segment. By creating and promoting experiences, rather than just blatantly pushing advertising, we provide our readership with a robust resource of leisure-time activities and destinations throughout South Africa. 

Our refreshed, responsive site was launched in September 2014 and features a great selection of content across all digital platforms, including the selective promotion of romantic getaways, cooking and dancing studios, wedding venues, travel businesses, restaurants, spas, picnic spots, outdoor adventure providers and more.   

We'd love to introduce our readership to your brand. 

Get in touch to get involved. 


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