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Belgrace Boutique Hotel

November 04, 2017

When you come and stay at Belgrace Boutique Hotel, you’ll be welcomed into a place of luxury, opulence and unapologetic romance. As you check in, you’ll immediately feel welcomed by Belgrace’s recent renovation and European decor, enjoying the hotel’s distinguished charm. Our warm and welcoming boutique hotel is a sanctuary of romantic indulgence, making it the perfect hotel for couples looking to rekindle their flame or ignite that spark.


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Belgrace Boutique Hotel is ideally situated, just five minutes from the Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport, perfect for guests coming from South Africa and around the world. At the heart of high society country style living, Belgrace Boutique Hotel is set on a macadamia nut farm just 20 minutes from White River and Nelspruit, Mpumalanga.


Romantic Belgrace Boutique Hotel

As part of our dedication to romance and passion, we have a number of resources to help you indulge yourselves on a romantic getaway, including:

  • Fine Dining
  • Wedding packages
  • Relationship investment programmes

We believe that looking after your well-being is essential to helping keep your relationship healthy, which is why we offer a wide range of wellness treatments whilst you stay with us.

Rock Fig Restaurant

Rock Fig Restaurant- A romantic dining experience at Belgrace Boutique Hotel

Dining at Belgrace’s restaurant, the Rock Fig, is a magical culinary experience set in one of South Africa’s most romantic locations. Enjoy fine food and wine either in our lavish dining room, or al fresco underneath our famous rock fig as the perfect end to your day.

No matter where you choose to eat in our restaurant, you’ll be treated to an exceptional level of service, with all your needs being met to ensure you can relax and unwind.

One of the most complimented aspects of our hotel; we prepare our food with love. Whether you’re joining us for breakfast, lunch or dinner, we use only the freshest, in-season produce from our own farm to ensure we serve you the best food possible. A meal at the Rock Fig is an essential part of your romantic holiday in South Africa.

Dining at Belgrace Boutique Hotel is more than just a meal, it’s an opportunity to recharge, reconnect with your lover and reignite your spark.

Please note that dining at the Rock Fig is by reservation only.

Wellness and Spa Treatments

At Belgrace Boutique Hotel, we understand that the stress and trials of everyday life can damage our ability to invest in and prioritise our relationships. That’s why we work with Freyja Boutique Spa to offer our overnight guests luxurious pampering treatments and spa packages.

Enter a world of peace and serenity with one of our spa treatments, leaving you feeling relaxed and special- essential for any couple looking to rekindle their romance. Our spa treatments are in-room to heighten your comfort and pampering treatments, as well as offering you a greater level of privacy.


Belgrace Boutique Hotel

Belgrace Boutique Hotel is a place of luxury, opulence and unapologetic romance. Ideally situated on a working macadamia nut farm just 20 minutes from White River and Nelspruit, and a mere five minutes' drive from the Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport, this bespoke destination offers an array of luxury accommodation options that have been tailored to enhance the region's distinguished charm. Visitors are invited to indulge in a wide range of wellness treatments and fine dining delights. Wedding packages and relationship investment programmes are also on offer.


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